Welcome to your new barbershop.....

Grab a seat, its your new barbershop and you should take a second to be in the moment....its not your usual Barbershop. The video at the bottom of the page will give you a big insight into Durham's best Barbers! 

Now, before we start remember this, the upcoming experience is about you! There is nothing we havent seen or heard before so get comfy and enjoy the show. Check out our gallery for our cuts, the pricelist is below and the rest happens in store.

Now, whether you live in Carrville or you're travelling to us, you won't be dissapointed. Over 500.. 5 star reviews can't be a coincidence. We pride ourselves on getting you the best cut, shave or fade in Durham. Check out the VIP treatments.

A Barbershop where you are all welcome, even just for a chat, a networking and vocal part of a community allowing men to relax, recoup and recharge!  A beer or two and some super reading material. Just check out the gallery!

Sneak Peak

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Do you want to learn to become a barber?

Have you ever considered becoming a barber? Have you already studied or are already a barber but just need to improve your skills? Are you a hairdresser wanting to improve your service list?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these get in touch with us! We offer a variety of training and tailor it directly to you. This is your chance for bespoke training from the best!

From shaving to fading, confidence building or skill honing, we are here for you!

We also run a monthly foundation course which is perfect start for EVERYONE.

- About us -


Barbering is a huge part of my life, every haircut is an opportunity to turn a bad day around or boost someone's confidence for an important date or interview! As part of the Uppercut Deluxe Collective my favourite part is styling! 

We aren't saving lives but as a Barber I believe we can support the male society on another level. I really hope we've created an environment where everyone is welcome. Ego's are left at the door. So please just relax in the shop, it's the perfect hideaway from the wife & kids.

Question is thou, Batman or Superman? 


The two things that annoy me most in life are bad drivers and bad haircuts. I can't do anything about the first but I'm determined to get rid of the second!

Barbering for me isn't just my job; I'm not into churning out five minute short back and sides that everybody else has. 

I'm all about the individual and making sure that my customers get what they want. An excellent, unrushed haircut!

Insert Name Here

Can you see yourself joining the team? Keep in touch and do your research. It takes the best to work at Rum Razor but we will always be willing to help. 

Know a Barber? Refer them for a job and receive £250!

T&C apply, applicant must be employed a minimum 3 month. No sickness, disciplinary action. Management has right to refuse. Please contact us for more info.


Barbering gave my life a purpose. 

I’m a creative person and have always liked having a hands on approach to certain tasks, and you can’t get more more hands on than being a barber? 

4 years in the barbering industry and I understand barbering is more than just a haircut, (I mean they’re important of course) but it’s the experience you have. It’s an escape from reality for a bit and if I can help you guys do that, then I’m doing my job right.

Quick note: if you talk to me about 80’s pop culture, footy or any band on the planet, I’ll be ya best mate.”

See ya at the Crossroads.


Brains behind the operation, 


I love the creativity that comes with cutting hair, I've always been a hands on person and thats why I love it so much I espeically love a haircut and clean shave combo the transformation you can see in someone when they leave is truly the best feeling. Talk to me about True Crime, serial killers, dogs and food and we will be besties for life.


I've never been able to find a line of work that suits me until I started cutting hair, most jobs would bore the life out of me but I've finally found something I'm passionate about and I'm looking forward to becoming the best I possibly can be. It is really important to me for clients to feel comfortable and like they can share whatever is on their mind but also so they leave feeling better about themselves. I like Music, Star Wars and Dogs. If you can look past the courful hair I'm sure we will get along great.

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